How to install a car roof tent?

Roof tents seem to be only suitable for larger off-road vehicles, but in reality we can say thats not true.

Our tents suits most of the vehicles! If you are not sure if it is suitable for your car, feel free to contact us and we will find out.

Why choose roof top tent? Read about it from our blog post –Why Roof top tent?

But then what do you need to install a roof tent?

  1. Choose the right roof racks for your car
The best option is to ask directly from the roof rack sales if their roof racks are suitable for the car’s roof tent or ask them for help in choosing.

The load-bearing capacity of the roof frame must be greater than that of the tent. Our tents do not weigh more than 60kg.

Also, the roof frames should not be very low, as this will prevent the tent from being attached to the frames.

2. Attach the frames to the car

3. Follow the instructions that came with the product to set up the finished car roof tent. The roof tent is very easy to set up. (Our products come with all the accessories to install the roof tent in the ready position)

3. Place the tent on the car’s roof racks and secure it. The tent comes with tools and fasteners to attach the tent to the frames. (Here you going to need a friend’s help)

We are always ready to help if you have additional questions!